Crown Lengthening

The answer to a "gummy smile"Crown Lenghtening, Fix gummy smile

Have you been told that you have a gummy smile, or that your teeth appear to be too short?

Don’t worry, it’s not a serious condition, but it may make you uncomfortable with your smile. If it does, we can help. At the Lane Center for Advanced Dentistry, our mission is to assure both your dental health and to give you confidence in a winning smile.

With crown lengthening:

  • We expertly work to take away unneeded gum tissue, and
  • Gently reshape bone to expose more of your natural teeth.
  • You gain a natural, broad smile you can be proud of.

Crown lengthening is just one of the many possibilities when you take advantage of the Advanced Dental Services and Smile Enhancements available with Dr. Greg Lane.

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Treating Decay Below the Gumline

Crown lengthening also plays a supporting role in treating a variety of dental problems. It can be used when decay occurs below the gumline, when there is severe decay or a broken tooth, or even as a foundational step before a new crown is applied.

Get Dentist GreensburgWith your comfort and understanding in mind, Dr. Greg Lane will walk you through the reasons why crown lengthening can be an important part of improving your dental health.

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