Advanced Dental Services

State-of-the-Art Dentistry / Old Fashion Customer ServiceAdvanced Dental Services in Greensburg

When we say "advanced dental services," we mean the use of the latest skills, knowledge, and tools available to the dental community.

From Neuromuscular Dentistry and Relaxation Dentistry to the latest Technology (like quiet drills and low-radiation digital imaging), Laser Dentistry, and Oral DNA Testing, we strive to bring our patients both the best treatments available and the best results.

The one thing you can be assured of is this – we are never so high-tech that we take you for granted or think of you only as a patient number. Dr. Greg Lane sets the standard for everyone at the Lane Center for Advanced Dentistry in treating patients with old fashioned customer service and a welcoming chair-side manner.

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Welcoming Difficult Cases

Did you know that poor dental health can cause headaches, face and shoulder pain, even sleep apnea? That untreated periodontal disease has been linked to heart problems? That the bacteria in gum infections can be passed on to your spouse and children?

Get Dentist GreensburgAnother aspect of advanced dental care is dealing with these little known dental issues. And if anxiety about dental visits is one of your personal challenges, don’t worry – many of our patients come to us because of our reputation for great care and understanding.

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Call us today at 724-836-4433, or visit our easy to complete Contact form.