Oral DNA Tests

Periodontal Testing for Better Outcomes

When it comes to good oral health, we’re taking names and kicking - well, you know… Scientifically, we now have the tools needed to identify the specific bacteria that cause periodontal disease. And that means more personalized treatment for you.

At the Lane Center for Advanced Dentistry, we use advanced saliva testing systems like MyPerioPath® from OralDNA®Labs.

Patients who benefit from salivary testing include:

  • People with periodontal infections
  •  Patients not responding positively to their current treatment
  •  Those who have diabetes or a history of heart disease
  • Patients who use tobacco

These tests are quick, non-invasive, and can lead to better outcomes and improved oral health. Oral DNA testing is one of the Advanced Dental Services available from Dr. Greg Lane.

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It’s About Your Family Too!

Since bacteria are involved in gingivitis and periodontal disease, they can be passed on to your spouse and children. That makes oral health a true family affair.

Get Dentist GreensburgGum tissue infections can be serious, and over time lead to complications as severe as heart disease.

Early detection is the best way to stop pathogens, detect oral and throat cancer, and safeguard your entire family.

Contact us today. Oral DNA Testing isn’t as futuristic as it sounds. Today, we see it as good dentistry for you and your loved ones.