Headache Relief

Tension Headaches and Your Bite

Headache Relief, Dentist, GreensburgHave you ever thought of going to the dentist as a way to relieve your headaches? If you’re like most people, your reaction is “Really, my dentist can help with headaches too?”

At the Lane Center for Advanced Dentistry, we know that an incorrect bite can contribute to the most common type of headache – the tension headache. When your jaw can’t close properly, muscles in your forehead and temple remain tense for a long period of time and their circulation can suffer. You experience the end result as a feeling like a band squeezing around your head.

  • New technology allows us to determine if your frequent headaches are related to problems with your bite
  • We often start by supplying a custom-made orthotic (plastic appliance) for you to wear over your teeth
  • A TENS device (mild electric stimulation) may be used to relax the muscles causing your headaches
  • In some cases, dental work or permanent orthotics may be needed

To learn more about how Dr. Greg Lane might be able to help with your frequent tension headaches, call us at 724-836-4433, or get in touch using our easy contact form today.

Facial Pain, Neck Pain, Sensitive Teeth, and more

A poor bite can result in a variety of pains and problems from difficulty chewing to chronic face pain.

You may even have symptoms of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ/TMD).

Get Dentist GreensburgIf you do, we can help. Dr. Greg Lane is an expert in Neuromuscular Dentistry, which helps correct your bite (technically known as occlusion) and thereby relieves many of these painful and chronic conditions. It can even help with sleep apnea.

Contact us today. Good dentistry in the 21st Century looks beyond cavities to consider your complete dental health and how it affects your life.