Light Sedation Dentistry

Relaxation Dentistry

Let’s face it, many people are anxious about going to the dentist, and some dentists have earned those fears.

It’s perfectly natural if a trip to the dentist is not your favorite activity. At the Lane Center for Advanced Dentistry, we’ll do everything we can to earn your trust from the moment you walk in the door.

And when a little high-tech help is needed we use the NuCalm™ system for relaxation to help you have a more pleasant dental experience.

NuCalm™ helps you relax within 3 to 5 minutes using four simple steps:

  • A safe, chewable, dietary supplement that helps promote relaxationSedation Dentist, NuCalm
  •  A microcurrent patch placed behind each ear
  •  Noise-dampening headphones
  •  Light-blocking glasses

Working together, these four elements provide an effective relaxation experience. The feeling is much like relaxing for sleep at the end of the day, with your tensions easing away.

NuCalm™ is just one of the ways we help you achieve the best dental care possible. Learn more on our Advanced Dental Services and Traditional Dental Services pages.

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A Good Chair-side Manner Helps Too

Nationwide, over 180,000 dental patients have experienced the NuCalm difference, with 95% of them reporting feeling relaxed after their dental appointment and that they would use NuCalm again.
Of course, at the Lane Center for Advanced Dentistry, you’ll also have the benefit of Dr. Greg Lane’s caring chair-side manner, as well as help of our attentive staff, and those are benefits you can’t get anywhere else.

Contact us today. Making an appointment is the first step toward a lifetime of great dental health.