Neuromscular Dentistry

Neuromuscular Dentist GreensburgBuilding the Perfect Bite

At the Lane Center for Advanced Dentistry, we’re known for welcoming difficult challenges and for our expertise in the latest dental techniques.

Neuromuscular dentistry looks at the joints, muscles, nerves, and teeth – the whole system that makes your bite possible. Misalignments in this system can result in a variety of chronic conditions, including:

  • Headaches and pain in the neck and shoulders
  • Facial pain and jaw pain
  • Sleep apnea and depression
  • Limited jaw movement and “clicking or popping”

One or more of these symptoms may be a sign of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ/TMD).

Neuromuscular dentistry helps by restoring harmony to the system of jaw joints, muscles, and teeth that come together in your bite. It’s one of the ways we help you achieve the best dental care possible.

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What is NMD treatment like?

Neuromuscular dentistry starts with diagnostic tests, including sonography, computerized scanning, and jaw tracking studies (as needed).

Treatment may involve a TENS device, which can relax jaw muscles using mild electrical stimulation as well as a plastic “orthotic” mouthpiece or other orthodontic treatment to help adjust your bite. Occasionally, significant restorative dentistry may be needed.

Get Dentist GreensburgIn all cases, our goal is to relieve the pains and symptoms misalignment can cause and to help you along a path to better dental health.

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