Quiet Dental Drills

Quiet Dental DrillNew Electric Handpieces

The sound of a dental drill has few admirers. It can even add to the fears and anxieties people experience when they plan a trip to the dentist.

At the Lane Center for Advanced Dentistry, we use the latest electric handpieces.

Until recently, electric dental drills were simply too heavy and bulky to use comfortably. They often broke down and were expensive to repair.

Today, new technology allows for light-weight, reliable electric handpieces. The benefits to you include:

• A quieter experience many patients appreciate
• Less time in the chair (electric handpieces are faster to work with)
• Better results – making many treatments safer and more effective

Some have called the new electric dental drills “a Renaissance in Dentistry.” Electric handpieces simply put more power and precision in the hands of your dentist, while offering a faster and quieter experience for you.

We know you won’t miss the whine and vibration of the old air-powered dental drills. To learn more call us at 724-836-4433, or get in touch using our easy contact form today.