Soprocare Camera

Acteon's Soprocare dental camera is a revolutionary new dental diagnostic tool.

Geared toward early detection and prevention, Soprocare has three different camera modes.

  • The first shows a standard photo magnified up to 110 times for regular dental exams and cleaning.
  • The second mode uses special LED’s to highlight occlusal caries (tooth decay).
  • The third mode is one that is actually exclusive to the Soprocare, it can show plaque and tartar and differentiate between the two, as well as detect gingival inflammation.

Using auto-fluorescence and chromatic amplification, Soprocamera allows us not only to find possible issues more reliably and accurately, but also to show those issues to you more easily.

We can chart the development of gingival progression or caries and take steps to prevent them before they’re showing up as more than a patch on our advanced camera!

Take charge of your dental health become proactive!

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