Technology for Improved Comfort & Service

Quiet Drills, 3D Imaging and More

Greensburg Dentist, Comfort, RelaxationAt the Lane Center for Advanced Dentistry, we’re proud of our high-tech approach. We’ve invested in some of the latest, state-of-the-art dental tools, diagnostics, and restoration technology.

Whether it’s new technology or continuing training, all of our efforts have but one goal in mind: you. We want your dental experience to be as pleasant as possible and the results of your visit among the best possible.

To achieve these results, we have invested in and will continue to acquire technology like:

  • Quiet, electric handpieces. Traditional dental drills are air-driven and are a bit loud and slow. Until recently, electric hand-pieces were impractical, as they proved too heavy to use comfortably. Today, whisper quiet electric drills have changed everything. Learn more on our Technology for Improved Comfort page.
  • Advanced diagnostic tools. Checking out your teeth with a little mirror seems a bit old-fashioned, doesn’t it? While traditional tools still have their place, today’s intra-oral cameras and cavity finding fluorescent lasers can help find decay in its earliest stages, before costly dental work is required. Learn more on our Dental Diagnostics page.
  • Digital and 3D imaging. Using up to 80% less radiation than a traditional X-ray, today’s digital imagers provide amazing accuracy to help us make the best decisions for your care. 3D imaging offers high-resolution scans that are ideal for diagnosis, planning, and treatment. Learn more on our Digital Imaging page.
  • On-site restorations. No more waiting for your new crown to be prepared at the lab and shipped to the dentist, only to find that it might not be a perfect fit. Today, we have a CEREC dental restoration machine on-site. We’ll make a perfectly fitted crown for you in just one visit. Learn more on our CEREC Restorations page.
  • SoproCare Camera. Acteon's Soprocare dental camera is a revolutionary new dental diagnostic tool. Geared toward early detection and prevention, Soprocare has three different camera modes meant to show a wide range of different diagnostic information. SoproCare is actually the only dental camera on the market that can detect gingival inflammation.

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