Dental Bridges and Crowns

Protect, Restore and Enhance Your SmileDental bridge, crown, Greensburg

Even when you’ve done your best to care for your teeth, sometimes accident or aging makes some form of reconstruction necessary. Two of the most common methods for doing this are the dental bridge and the dental crown.

Dental bridges are custom-designed replacements that fill in the gaps between teeth by replacing the missing teeth with strong, natural-looking replacements. The dental bridge is anchored to teeth on either side of the missing section.

Dental crowns strengthen teeth that have been weakened or cracked by use or decay. They’re one of the best ways to preserve a natural tooth and are often recommended as part of the repair of a deep cavity or after a root canal. Teeth are also crowned to strengthen them if they will be serving as supports for a bridge.

Both dental bridges and crowns can:

  • Eliminate pain when biting
  • Preserve your natural bite
  • Prevent over-stress on your remaining teeth
  • Be made from modern materials that appear naturally translucent
  • Replace worn, stained teeth with material that is free from decay, stains, and cracks

Both dental bridges and crowns typically require several appointments for fitting and installation, however by using our advanced CEREC technology this time can be significantly reduced, even to a single appointment.

Afterwards, we’ll help you care for your new crown or bridge with regular cleanings and by helping establish a regular routine of dental hygiene and periodontal health.

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Speak With Greater Comfort and Clarity

Did you know that a dental bridge can help you to speak more clearly? The shape of your mouth influences how you speak. If teeth are missing or you are avoiding putting pressure on them, you will not be able to speak properly.

Get Dentist GreensburgEven if a bridge is not for you, a denture or partial denture can provide this service.

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