Dental Implants

The Secure, Long-Lasting Solution to Missing Teeth

Sometimes, because of an accident or poor periodontal health, a tooth can’t be saved.

When that happens, consider an implant. Implants are replacement teeth that are strong, durable, and difficult to tell from your natural teeth.

Implants are fully functional, so it’s like having your own teeth back again. When we install an implant, a small titanium post is placed directly into the jaw bone.

After the post has formed a strong fusion with your jaw, we install an artificial replacement tooth. These teeth are individually crafted so that, after a while, not even you will remember which tooth is not your natural one!

What will Dr. Lane look at when considering you as a candidate for implant dentistry?

  • Jaw bone strength and density
  • Health of gums
  • Review your general health
  • Age (not necessarily a restricting factor)
  • How many implants are ideal for your situation

Like many, we believe you’ll find a full set of teeth is a blessing you’ll be thankful for every day. Contact us at 724-836-4433 or use our easy contact form today.

Are Dental Implants My Best Option?

While implant dentistry is an inviting option for missing teeth, Dr. Lane offers other services as well.

You might want to consider dentures and partials or a dental bridge.

Get Dentist GreensburgDr. Lane and his staff will be happy to discuss these with you, so that you’ll feel certain you’ve made the right choice.

We look forward to meeting you, so get in touch today. Contact us at 724-836-4433 or use our easy contact form. Let’s start talking about how best to fill in that gap in your smile!